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Our Vision & Mission

  • Extraordinary customer care is at the core of our company mission. We focus on the needs of the customer. We work with our clients as a team. We are committed  in finding solutions for our clients to best achieve their goals.
  • Innovate: “being  better every day”. We inspire our employees to be creative thinkers.
  • Safety is what brings us all home at the day’s end – it’s what we do.

Our People

IMR’s strength comes from it’s people.  It is very clear to all at IMR that we are “people company” providing commercial masonry repair and restoration services.  It is important to know one of IMR’s core values is to “Be True” to each other, our customer and our suppliers.  We always operate with the greatest amount of integrity in everything we do. Simply we are a people business first.

How We Work


Experienced people in the craft and services they provide is what IMR delivers.  We pride ourselves in all we do but our largest gratification we receive  is when customers reward our work with the simple words, “well done.”   Work hard, have fun and good things will come.

Safety In Everything We Do


Exterior building repairs has inherent risks for both the craftspeople, building tenants and the public.  With safety training programs, frequent refresher programs and daily reviewing, your project will always have a “safety first” approach.  We have learned what gets talked about gets attention and at IMR, we talk about safety every day.

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